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nova annandale bookstorepetme46    Dronfield, England
Some said i had wrote to much stuff here but than again half of you here dont kniw what the hell you want in a guy.tou think you do so ill sum it up. I'm New to the area. I'm an ***hole
dimitri florasaceboy    Lake Orion, Michigan
I'm working out of town, like always. I'm leaving Arkansas Friday morning. Looking for someone to have some fun with before then. Feel free to message me, maybe get my number.
deelishis detroitlovelyh    Trefforest, Wales
I make friends easily and love to make new friends all the time and meet new people! I'm pretty much an open book. I will answer almost any question and will ask almost any question. I'm pretty much a
hypno queentanuj    paris, Ile-de-France
I love making money by any means nessacery. I love reading, watching movies and sometimes cuddling.

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